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What is vCISO? What are the Benefits of Hiring a Virtual CISO?

The online world is full of hackers and scammers. People choose to work with a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer to protect their online business. A vCISO deals with all your security management needs, protecting your online presence against potential hackers and scams.  What exactly is vCISO? A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) provides

Crop Disease Recognition App Developed by German Students

Recognizing crop diseases often requires a professional who can see the crop and diagnose the problems, as a doctor sees the patient and diagnoses the disease. But this is quite a costly option, especially for the small farmers in India. Each year, farmers in India face a number of problems including drought, crop disease, low

Technologies for Monitoring Cargo Overseas Transport

In a simple and direct way, the logistic monitoring is the solution that ensures, in real time, more control over the movements of goods. Logistic monitoring for express delivery documents (รับ ส่ง เอกสาร ด่วน, which is the term in Thai) has become one of the most important arms of transportation, especially because it provides a